What does Herpes Look Like?


Herpes Simplex Medicines and Herbs that Cure Herpes

Herbs that cure herpes have becoming a more popular solution lately. However, the secret is identifying this condition properly and then employing the right herpes simplex medicines.

Symptom Identification and Progression

Redness, sores, wounds, and irritations are commonplace of herpes sufferers. Usually the condition is noticed as red sores filled with a liquid called “pus” appears in the genital area.

However, symptoms can also show upon on the lips or around the mouth. In the case of oral herpes, often this problem can spread to the face, neck, or other visible areas.

In the worse case scenario, if this condition advances beyond the oral region it can eventually cause paralysis. It also could affect a person’s ability to hear and taste.

In the case of genital variants of this disease, lesions can advance to the upper thighs. At some point it could cause neuralgia, which is a severe nerve pain that can last for years beyond treatment of symptoms.

Either way, this condition progresses to the point where the sores turn into scabs and then eventually fall off. This whole process often takes a few weeks, and then a person may not get an outbreak for quite some time.

However, often the frequency and duration of recurrences cannot be predicted. In any case, a person needs to understand the triggers of this condition so they can work on addressing the situation.

All of this should be your top priority before, during, and after you seek relief from herpes simplex medicines or any over the counter treatment. It can help you prolong the times between outbreaks. This is one aspect of treatment you should discuss with your doctor.

Outbreak Triggers

While seeking treatment for lesions and other symptoms, you should understand what triggers recurrences of outbreaks. To be brief, this problem is normally due to stress, improper diet, weak immune system or age.

Other Cause Info

This STD is brought upon by the Herpes Zoster virus. It is more commonly referred to as either HSV-1 and HSV-2 and this is how to differentiate between oral herpes (cold sores) and genital herpes. It is usually spread by sexual contact and kissing.


Sometimes herbs that cure herpes outbreaks have been employed and some homeopathic remedies can help eliminate this problem for good. However, medical solutions are sometimes sought but can cause side effects.