Warts on the Tongue

The presence of HPV tongue warts is a medical condition that is associated with some 30 strains of the Human Papillomavirus or HPV. It is a medical condition that is highly infectious, and this pathogenic microorganism that causes HPV tongue warts can easily spread through simple kissing, oral contact or genital contact. Mothers infected with HPV may pass on the infection to their offspring during childbirth.

HPV Tongue Warts What Do They Look Like

HPV tongue warts are associated to an active infection caused by any of the identified strains of Human Papillomavirus or HPV. The condition is manifested by the presence of lesions or even accompanied by cold sores. Aside from the tongue, the lesions and cold sores may concurrently affect the lips, palate and the throat.

These outgrowths may appear singly or may come in clusters resembling the shape of a cauliflower. They may develop and look like any of the three small circular outgrowth, large flattened outgrowth or thick skin patches. HPV tongue warts are generally painless, but may present some discomfort when disturbed or when exposed to trauma, which normally happens while eating. This viral infection is more likely to have the concurrent condition of cold sores.

Common Signs and Symptoms

Typical symptoms of tongue warts include discomfort and pain as a result of irritation of the tongue while eating. While pain is not a natural consequence of the condition, the eating process and overall condition of our mouth makes it nearly impossible to avoid discomfort and pain when one develops tongue warts.

Upon close examination, you may observe specific sections of the tongue which are raised. The same condition may also become apparent in the palate. There may also be cases where the condition will be complicated by bleeding and difficulty in swallowing.

How to Remove HPV Tongue Warts at Home

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