Genital Herpes Pregnancy Pictures

Picture showing very obvious genital herpes symptoms in a female. Symptoms like these in a pregnant women highly increases the risk of passing the infection to the baby during delivery.

Prescription Medications Can Have Severe Side Effects!

When treating herpes, you need to beware that prescription medications can have severe side effects. Therefore, before you consider a doctor-prescribed remedy you should beware of the possible consequences.

Before Treatment

Of course, you should always consult your physician before attempting to treat this problem at home. This will help you avoid an overabundance of additional health problems. After all, you want to improve your situation not make it worse.

Your Options

Genital herpes sufferers have the option to be treated Valtrex which is one of the brand names of acyclovir, is taken orally. (Initially it was sold under the name Zovirax.)

The main function of this doctor-prescribed antiviral remedy is to help prevent actions which lead to new outbreaks of this condition. Furthermore, the variants of this medicine are used as a way to lessen the severity of the outbreaks as well as reduce the duration of them.

Either the generic or brand names of this medication are usually most effective when applied during the beginning stages of an outbreak. Therefore, it often is applied when a sufferer feels pain tingling sensations or slight pain associated with this STD.

Side effects of these two medications may not be as serious as other types on the market. However, patients might want to be aware that problems associated with these medications include headaches, nausea, abdominal pain, depression, joint pain, vomiting, or dizziness. It can also have a negative effect on liver enzyme production.

There are also various topical creams and injections that can be taken as well. These may help as well in varying degrees. The effectiveness rate is different for every single person as no two people respond to treatment in the same way. These may or may not cause some of the same problems as the above-mentioned medications.

Two newer solutions often tried by people today include Dalinex and Dynimaclear. These seem to very effective and safe according to reports that have been generated. These are herbal-based homeopathic solutions that have not yet known to cause any side effects and are 97% and 90% effective respectively.

Additional Info

Now that you know that prescription medications can have severe side effects, you might want to learn how to improve your situation. This often requires the application of helpful self-care tips.

For instance, it is highly recommended that you cut out highly acidic foods such as tomatoes. Furthermore, you should also cut down on the amount of salt, sugar, and fat you eat, and most importantly of all try to stay out of the sun.

Did You Know:

A woman who contracts genital herpes virus during the third trimester of pregnancy is at an increased or higher risk of passing herpes virus to the baby. This is because the women's body doesn't gets sufficient time to build antibodies against the virus.