Dalinex Review

This product review of popular herpes treatment Dalinex covers product information, how it works and consumer results.

 Product Website: www.Dalinex.com

Product Information:

    Medication Mode: Oral

    Cost: $49.95 for 1 month Supply

    Type: Natural / Organic remedy.

    Works on: Mild to Severe Herpes Outbreaks.

    Guarantee: 100% full money-back guarantee.

Test Results for Effectiveness to Treat Herpes:

    Visible Results: Relief begins in 1-2 days.

    Complete Cure from Herpes Symptoms: 4 to 5 Months

    Success rate: Above 97%.

    Safety: Very safe.

    Effectiveness: Very effective for HSV 1 and HSV 2

    Side effects: None

    Website: www.Dalinex.com

Dalinex Review

Dalinex herpes treatment comes out at the top of our latest research study. It is an all natural formula that exhibited quick symptom relief in males and females alike with symptoms ranging from mild to severe.

The best thing that distinguished Dalinex from other herpes treatment products is its ability to cure genital herpes symptoms. If Dalinex is continued for 4 to 5 months a complete cure from herpes outbreak has been reported in most users as majority of  users observed no recurring herpes episodes.

Efficacy of Dalinex is high without any side effects which was not the case with many herpes remedies we researched online.

Dalinex Ingredients

Organic ingredients of Dalinex herpes treatment have been well documented to work against herpes simplex virus 1 and 2. These ingredients act slowly but gradually and their long term use has been associated with lasting relief from herpes.

Unlike other products on the market, Dalinex does not contain chemical ingredients, which irritate skin in sensitive people and cause scarring.


Our comprehensive research concludes that Dalinex is the most potent remedy for cold sores and genital herpes that reacted favorably well without any side effects. If your goal is to completely cure herpes symptoms then this is the right treatment to go for.


For best results which are commonly observed in four to five months, it is recommended to buy three bottles of Dalinex so you get two bottles free as per current promotional offer. One bottle is for one month of treatment. So at the price of 3 months you get 5 months supply.

Avoid any missed dosages on account of reorder shipping delays which is very crucial for this remedy to be fully effective.

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