Condyloma Acuminatum Explained

Condyloma Acuminatum is commonly known as genital warts. It is a symptom of a viral infection called the human papilloma virus (HPV). The human papilloma virus is a group of more than 100 different types of viruses that infect the human body. About 90% of the accuminata are related to human papilloma virus strains 6 and 11.

Condyloma acuminata are small pointed projections or warty growths in the throat, cervix, vagina, anus, and penis. From small beginnings, condyloma acuminatum can multiply and spread to produce enormous, cauliflower-like masses in considerable number and set closely together.

Perianal eruption of Condyloma Acuminatum.

Early perianal Condyloma pictures

Symptoms of Condyloma Accuminatum

Symptoms are most often seen in people between the ages of 15 to 33. Initially, condyloma accuminatum shows up as tiny blemishes that can be as small as a pinhead. The color can be gray, light brown, pale yellow, or pink. They have a rough feeling upon contact. Some people complain of itching.

Condyloma accuminatum has more eruptions during pregnancy when there is profuse vaginal discharge. The hormonal changes during the pregnancy seem to boost its growth. Mostly, they occur as small, painless bumps which tend to make them go unnoticed.

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Causes of Condyloma Acuminata Infection

  • Oral sex
  • Sexual activity (intercourse)
  • Multiple sex partners
  • Transmission from mother to baby
  • Non-sexual cause (fomites)
  • Oral contraceptives
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Poor nutrition
  • Crowded or unsanitary living conditions

A lack of hygiene as well as excessive moisture and discharge are favorable conditions for the appearance of condyloma accuminatum. Because of this, they appear more often in uncircumcised men than those that have been circumcised..

Condyloma Pictures in early stages. Present below the foreskin of the penis.

Condyloma pictures of an uncircumcised penis

Treatment of Condyloma Acuminata

Condyloma acuminanta is widely prevalent in people who indulge in sexual activity. According to one estimate, approximately 10% of all men and women have genital warts.

They may multiply gradually or even disappear. Which way it will go can't be predicted. However, genital warts usually respond to early treatment.

Various treatments for condyloma acuminata (genital warts):

Natural Home Remedy for Genital Warts in Men and Women

Topical medication treatments:

 Aldara Cream Bleomycin Podofilox (Condylox)

These Genital Warts Treatments can be applied in the privacy of home.

Chemical medications:Surgical options:

 Podophyllin Laser Therapy
 Trichloroacetic acid Cryosurgery or Cryotherapy
 Bichloroacetic acid Electrosurgery or Electrocautery

Condyloma Acuminata (genital warts) treatment with acid in the doctors office. Click for more clearer Condyloma Pictures.

Condyloma treatment (genital warts) with chemical medications

These cures for condyloma/genital warts require visits to your health care provider.

The choice of treatment method is influenced by the location of condyloma acuminata, their size, number, any other infections that are present, sex of the patient, history of any previous treatment, cost of treatment and the chances of recurrence with the condyloma acuminatum treatment that will be used.