What is Aldara Cream (imiquimod)?

Aldara Cream 5% (imiquimod iMIkwimod) is a new, unique and patient applied alternative genital warts treatment, perianal warts or venereal warts caused by human papilloma virus with 50% success rate.
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Aldara is a white cream contained in a sachet of 250 mg. Imiquimod is the active ingredient in the cream. It (Imiquimod) is a chemical compound in aldera cream that works with the body to bring relief from genital warts.
Aldara cream is a new type of treatment in the category of medicines known as immune response modifier (IRM).

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Genital warts cream aldara's is the only patient applied prescription based cream that has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of external genital warts and perianal warts caused by hpv infection.

Aldara cream is a topical vanishing cream used in the treatment of two types of disease conditions:
  • Genital warts or perianal warts caused by hpv infection.
  • Adults having actinic keratosis.

Infection with human papilloma virus (hpv) causes external genital warts and perianal warts (warts around the anus) which are technically referred to as condyloma acuminata.

The cream (aldara imiquimod) is not antiviral in itself and therefore does not fight the virus that causes these warts directly.

Genital warts around the vagina. Genital warts cream-Aldara can be applied on these warts but not on the warts inside the vagina. Click for more clear view.

Genital warts around the vagina of a human papilloma virus infected female

The way aldara cream acts is by aiding the immune system of the body to fight against the hpv virus that causes these warts, instead of just clearing the warts from the skin itself. Aldara application induces the immune system of the body to produce alpha interferon locally. Alpha interferon is a substance produced by the body known to have antivirus action. Which acts against the genital warts causing hpv in the body at the application site.

So genital warts cream aldara may be considered as a motivator to the immune system of the body. The actual battle is between the hpv and the immune system not aldera cream. Thereby controlling and relieving any further genital warts or perianal warts eruptions.

Aldara cream is different from other genital warts treatment options in the way that it works, an immune response modifier that does not damages any healthy skin like other over the counter treatments. However aldara cream does cause symptoms such as redness at the application site in a good number of cases, temporarily. Which is said to be because of immune system response to the drug.

Genital warts cream aldara is to be applied  by the patient directly on the genital warts and perianal warts but not on warts inside the vagina, or inside the anus (rectum). Warts inside the vagina are called vaginal warts and require treatment with other medicines.

Aldara cream is safe, effective, easy to use, leaves not scars and offers an alternative to treatments that destroy healthy skin around the wart. And the ability to apply the cream in private relieves the patient from any embarrassments.

After 4 weeks of application 50 percent of the patients see reduction in genital warts. Though as the treatment is prescribed for 16 weeks, complete removal of genital warts may take up to that much time or less. The results are different on each individual. Clinical trials have shown that as much as half of patients using aldara got their genital warts removed partially or fully.

Results from a recent survey among genital warts and perianal warts patients and physicians prescribing aldera cream showed high overall satisfaction, ease of treatment and less related pain. Treatment of genital warts with aldara has also been voted as a best option by many physicians.

 Aldara cream can be applied on these warts on the foreskin of the penis. It is the only fda approved Genital Warts Cream. Click to have more clearer view.

Male penis with small genital warts eruptions

Ingredients of each 250 mg Aldara cream 5%:




 Benzyl Glycerin Alcohol
 Cetyl alcohol Xanthan gum Purified water
 Methylparaben Propylparaben Isostearic acid
 Stearyl alcohol Polysorbate 60 White petroleum
 Sorbitan monostearate

Caution: If you want to buy aldara online beware, there is no aldara alternative currently available.

Aldara cream can only be applied on warts around the anus. Not on the warts inside the anus.

Perianal warts, another location for Aldara Cream treatment

In short, treating genital warts with aldara 5% has shown short course therapy having simplicity of use, treats warts from the inside out,  applied in privacy, and a non to lesser occurrences of associated adverse effects as with genital warts treatments. Despite all these benefits aldara cream gets a set back because it only relieves symptoms in only about 50% or less cases, is prescription based and is costly.