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The results of our latest genital warts treatment study are in. The following is a list of what we found to be the best and most effective genital wart treatment products on the market currently. These products really do work, and reputable companies that manufacture them give unconditional money back guarantees.

We tested these wart removal products to see if they really worked as claimed. To learn about our findings and results, click on the links below of each treatment for detailed review of each remedy:

No.1 Remedy: Wartrol - Read Review

No.3 Remedy: Naturasil - Read Review

Want to know how we ranked these wart removal products?

Here are short reviews of top 4 treatments in case you are short of time:


Wartrol Wart Relief Treatment

Guarantee: Yes

Quality Score: Good

Overall Value:

Wartrol comes up as the No.1 remedy in our test study. Wartrol is an effective homeopathic wart remover available since couple of years now. Our in-depth investigation of past user feedback suggests that Wartrol is equally effective as Wartamine and works for warts on penis shaft, vagina and other genital areas of men and women alike. Being homeopathic, its safe to use and does not  causes side effects like prescription therapies.

The only place were Wartrol under performs than Wartamine is the speed of results. Homeopathic medicine being mild is known for slower results as such warts get cleared a bit later as compared to Wartamine.

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Quality Score: Excellent

Guarantee: Yes

Overall Value:

Wartamine holds 2nd place in our research. Male and female patients using this medication for penile warts and vaginal warts reported a drastic reduction in their wart eruptions within a few days of starting applying the solution.

Treatment with Wartamine eliminated the need for surgical removal of genital warts, thus avoiding permanent scar marks in users. Best results were experienced after long term treatment for 6 months. Most of the sufferers were completely cured and had no reoccurrences after 6 months of therapy.




Guarantee: Yes

Quality Score: Good

Overall Value:

Naturasil is rated at No.3 for effectiveness based upon our test results. It works on mild to moderate wart eruptions. We found it to get rid of genital warts in good time among all therapies we tested, but it does not cure genital warts as effectively as Wartamine or Wartrol. It works as a fast temporary relief product.

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Ebook Home Remedy

Guarantee: Yes

Quality Score: Satisfactory

Overall Value:

We found the formula given by Chris Gibson in his e-book to give good results in removal of warts. We rank it at No.4 as per our test study results.

The best characteristic for this formula is that it is a homemade remedy beneficial to those suffering from small warts that appear in places such as on hands, feet, and genitals in beginning stages.

However, it does have its disadvantages as well. The two main drawbacks are that it works only on warts that are fairly mild, and that it does not cures the condition as such you might witness recurrences later.

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What else this Site Offers?

This is the most comprehensive site on genital, anal and vaginal warts. Each page on this site provides in-depth info on HPV (human papilloma virus). Since a picture tells a thousand words, the information on this site offers male and female wart pictures with accompanying briefing.

We recognize that a lot of people around the world suffer from this contagious sexually transmitted disease and are looking for a way to treat and get rid of this unattractive condition. Therefore, this site provides genital warts treatment reviews of the best performing wart products based on user feedback and our own testing.

Comprehensive Information on the Best Genital Wart Remedy

Unfortunately, there is not one magic pill for treating everyone’s wart problem the same way. In fact, there seems to be any number of solutions - from a universal natural remedy to medications that focus only on "male warts" or "female warts".

Trying to find the right cure for your wart types can be confusing. You may be asking yourself, how do I know which one is right for me? That’s why this site is the one you will need to help you.

This site does not promote products based on what companies provide with advertising dollars. Instead, we rely on our visitors to tell us what works best. Whether you are a man, woman or child who is suffering from warts, it is important to us that we can assist in your ability to make an educated decision on how to get rid of Hpv warts.

Take a look at the straightforward reviews of many of the popular brands that can cure genital warts. We provide factual reports on products such as Wartrol and Naturasil.

We also rate home remedies that eliminate wart based on a variety of factors such as list of ingredients, areas of improvement, quality level, and overall value. To make it easier for you, these reviews have been worded in simple terms so that you find the best medication or HPV infection cure.

Answers to Get Rid of HPV-Caused Warts

Many people are desperate. Getting rid of vaginal, genital or anal warts is their primary concern. They want a cure for genital warts whether it is a home remedy, an over-the-counter (OTC) wart removing product, or a prescription medicine.

This web site reveals the best way to treat the embarrassment, discomfort, and pain associated with the symptoms. Information covered includes:

  • Graphic explanations, including a picture of genital wart on woman (HPV images)
  • Reviews of medications, prescriptions, and available over the counter remedies that are worth covering
  • Signs of this condition, including symptoms and what do they look like
  • Answers to many questions we have received, including early stage diagnosis
  • The causes of these small red bumps
  • Advice, info, and photographs from other visitors, including the solutions that worked for them and why.

After all, our main objective with this web site is to keep you updated with the latest research and medical breakthroughs.

Help Others to do away with these tiny fleshy outbreak

Since the most beneficial information comes from readers like you, please take the time to submit your personal experience with effective cures you may have used to remove or get rid of your warts on face, fingers or hands.

Whether your feedback is good or bad, it helps others to know about your results. Feel free to add your opinion on existing product reviews, explain a successful home remedy, or include a new medication that we have not yet covered.

We would love to hear everything you have to say about this problem. Your knowledge is very valuable to us. You can even send in pictures if you think it will help.

We will use this information to benefit others so that they can more quickly find the cure that works for them. Just think what you will be doing for someone else who may be suffering like you once did! Contact us here.

Hpv Warts: All the Information You Need to Know…and More

As you browse the site, in addition to pictures of females and males, you will find easy access to all types of information, including such topics as:

  1. Symptoms and signs in the early stages, including tiny itchy bumps, rash, itching, etc.
  2. The causes of warts explained with pictures
  3. How to get rid of genital warts and eliminate HPV infection
  4. The side effects of Aldara Imiquimod
  5. Little-known tips and facts about the human papilloma virus (HPV)
  6. Natural home remedies for all types of warts, including vaginal warts, planters’ warts, and venereal warts.
  7. Reasons to get genital wart removal treatment
  8. Info on the complications and risks associated with pregnancy
  9. How HPV transmission takes place or how is it spread
  10. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on HPV in men and HPV in women
  11. The connection between warts in the mouth and oral sex
  12. The cause of anal warts.
  13. The best natural genital wart treatment that works in advanced & early stages
  14. Questions about the HPV virus and infertility, cervical cancer, and oral warts
  15. Photos of Before and After treating wart.

Many other informational and related topics are dealt with in detail along with HPV wart pictures

Due to the nature of HPV virus symptoms and the signs, such as anal, vaginal and venereal warts, people often feel ashamed in asking such common questions as:

  • What do they look like on the scrotum and penis or in the vagina?
  • What are the new pathways in modern medicine to fight HPV, such as the HPV blood test, the HPV vaccine for men and women, etc?
  • What are the wart remedies for clearing of warts on penis?
  • Will the warts reappear?

You will get answers to all these questions on this site. All the pages have human papilloma virus (HPV) related information displayed on them.

In addition, relevant HPV pictures, gential warts images and photos, and genital worts photographs are provided. However, it must be taken into consideration that this site does not substitute for any kind of medical advice on cure.

Please Note: All warts info pages on this web site contain pictures of HPV in women and in men, which may be disturbing to some visitors. Please read our portal disclaimer to avoid any issues that may arise pertaining to these photos, as well as to the opinions regarding any medicine reviews.

This website does not endorse any product mentioned on this site. For specific questions about each product, we recommend you contact the manufacturing companies directly, help is available 24/7.


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